Saturday, 10 January 2009

Long nights impossible odds keeping my eye to the keyhole

I am chicken loadsa of xhickn cause the blacks like chickenc lets eat jerk chicken cause the blcvks like chicken all the blacks like chicken. Whn will I ahng out with the blacks thatb like chicken as much as me, cause I ike chicken laods shit laodss I think I might like chicken as much as blacks like chickn. Blacks like chicken, blacks like chicdken, blascks like chicken. Im prwttyb sure blaxks like chicken maybe only maybe more than me???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Second paragraph I am the chicken machine deffinealtey the chicken machine laodsa of chicken machine. Beware the chicken vcat people  cat people car people car peoplae cat peole cat people car peopleavgpSovaobfpziavv IUvIPIPDOUVAUGD[GFOIGdgovlkhvpihov’bosucgn o9



fjkqif]f’djvadp’fAOJfO{Hhh ‘x ‘ON MY BLOG THE DAWN OF THE CAT PEOPLE

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